Sunday, April 24, 2011

greek crust mayhem

01. Death Rattle-Eternal cold
02. 925-Wall  of prejudice
03. Anti Mob-Crows
04. Sardanapalm Death-I idia istoria (the same story)
05. Dyspnea-Millions screams
06. Greed the Dead-Slavestate
07. Sarabante-Unveiling the truth
08. Asfyxia-Hamena oneira (Lost dreams)
09. Black Sheeps-Polemos gia to avrio(War for tomorrow)
10. Nuclear Disaster-Nuclear War
11. Sigrousi-Forget
12. Gegen De Strom-Gdartes oneiron (dream vivsectors)
13. Chemical Disease-Pnoi thanatou Breath of death
14. Lithargos-oi aggeloi tou skotous (angels of darkness)
15. Rising Terror-Scientific reality
16. No security-Entaksh (Enlistment)
17. E.Coli-01-Waiting for tomorrow
18. Frikh(Horror)-o kosmos the tha allaxei (the world will not change)
19. Social Security-Miasma (naytia cover)
20. Rajahtaa-Stop the slaughter

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