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davová psychóza - antropofobia (1991)

Dave Psychosis (DP) was founded in autumn 1987 of Bratislava in the former group members KOTA 22 (Martin - drums, Marcel - guitar) and diturvit (Nail - bass). Singer John ever comes early.
Punk had us behind nearly 10 years and is located somewhere between the channel and sports hall on land. People were tired of perestroika, but beer is chlastalo the soul further. Approaching the end of the "golden era" of real socialism.

Regarding groups, most notably the zones, and Slovakia. The Czech Republic probably padlock.

DP was the first concert in the summer 1988 in Bratislava Muko club along with starting LORD ALEX YOUNG and projection. Then often had lyrics before the concert to give the so-called assessment. Cultural Commission for MNV. Some texts respectively. band's songs were so forbidden.

They played the majority culture is in Bratislava and last concert of the "golden era" was the Young Guard band, along with Polish legend ARMINE. In October 1989 the group recorded in their study opusáckom 1.demo (never officially did not work).

After so. overturn and fall of the Iron Curtain, many bands as if they did not know why they should play and what to sing, because the main common enemy - the Communist Party - was defeated. Occurring time of euphoria and even dissidents to become politicians.

DP record with young director Peter Farmer 3 videos for independent student broadcasting. At that time often plays in a rock club "Rock-pop-jazz". There, the group met with Martin Szarvas, who also helped make the first album "Antropofóbia .
Followed by many concerts in Czechoslovakia and in Austria and Germany. The band recorded one more video, but that was so miserable that it had withdrawn from circulation.

In 1992 (December) based 2.album " World sues .Punk is heavily influenced by new ideas and influences and the band is known as among the commercial and others as too radical. But the truth is that the band played hard, fast punk and never nesrala to mushrooms.

In early 1994, the band played at the festival in the Netherlands, ACTIVE MINDS, DISORDER, ANARCRUST and under. (Pipeline, we followed faithfully all night beer and good quality stuff).After a string in the Czech Republic in the same year, leaving bassist nail. After about a year break comes with bassist Rasťo Stupava. The band has a problem with the test but performs further.

In 1997 the band recorded so. "Christmas", which sound like through the Slovak media pleasant Christian magic of Christmas, from which comes the name "Happy Days hypocritical". Was bled only in Ragtime radio. In early summer 1998 the band recorded 3.album " crisis consciousness ". In the same year, drummer Martin goes to his place and starts Kubo.
In January 2001 the band recorded 4 songs, which are then used to compile along with friends from Brno - centaury brand Papagajuv announcer. In 2002, leaving drummer Kubo, neskôrnastupuje cibi to his place and later that same year, leaving bassist growth and was replaced Hulo (both are from the legendary group TESTIMONY)

On 15 anniversary of the DVD is based on 1988-2003. Which includes a concert in the old and the current lineup.

September 2004 based on the new CD Feed the Prežratých.

A group of history continues ....


Tiesňové volanie
To som ja
Radujme sa, veseľme sa
Mozgová paralýza
15 000 000
Dnes je správny deň
Davová psychóza

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