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smzb - wuhan punk 7'' (2001)

"It was in the year 1995/96 China Punk music became into being in Beijing and Wuhan and not long ago it began to become prosperous. Nowadays in China just two cities are mentionable about it (Beijing and Wuhan) and have just more than 10 Punk bands. Most of the band members haven't got any jobs and sometimes it is really difficult to get enough money for a band to conduct performance far from local places. The earnings from ticket fares are mostly not sufficient for the traveling fees. With help of parents and friends we nearly can keep our bodies and souls together and we are fairly optimistic.
The circumstances for Punk music now turn up to be better and gradually more youth will join us. That is what we are looking forward to and will bring us a log of encouragement and material.
SMZB is the first Wuhan Punk band. The songs on this EP are from 1997 to 2000. They were recorded in a local studio and the fee was totally afforded by ourselves.
SMZB would like to show our appreciation to: our parents, all the friends including the friend known from Internet - it's you who bring us information and help us a lot. And also my appreciation for the bands I like - it's you who give us a lot of inspiration." 
 info: rockinchina

01 chinese music
02 save indite association
03 pornographic war
04 gamecock

Chinese Music

do you like chinese music?
i dont like chinese music
do you like chinese soccer?
i dont like chinese soccer
do you like chairman Jiang Zheming?
i don't like chairman Jiang Zheming
i want to fuck chairman Jiang Zheming
fuck Jiang Zheming asshole

Pornographic War

we want to fight against you face to face
we would rather that the place where we are living is a battlefield
but every time the result of our war is like masturbation
we cant care for this much too
as long as it can make me comfortable
we are taking up a pornographic war
with make me feel stimulated an excited
we need that Larry Flint
the will of fight need to be stimulated out of people

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

99% is arse!! (podcast) 30/3/12

track list by request 

ea80 - der mord fällt aus (1982)

EA80 is a German punk rock band from Mönchengladbach, Germany. The group started in 1979 as "Panzerfaust" and changed the name to EA80 in the year 1980. The band is still active today, making it one of the oldest punk rock bands.The music of EA80 is melancholy punk rock music, with lyrics composed of overlapping poems.The band members are also active in many side projects. For example, they have collaborated with musicians from the band Boxhamsters in the band project Die Böse Hand (The Wicked Hand), by The Devil in Miss Jones, by Killer/Killerlady in the project Pechsaftha (Bad Juice) - or in Serene Falls as well as Van Helsing and in side projects like "OCD" Operation Certain Death, another punk band from Mönchengladbach.

01 Showdown
02 Der Mord Fllt Aus
04 Marquee
05 Der Vamp

Monday, March 28, 2011

fertil miseria - reaccion 7'' 1991

i cannot listen to these tracks without immediately thinking of Sucha (homomilitia). definitely my favorite release to come out of colombia! 

pekinška patka - bolje da nosim kratku kosu - ori ori 7″ (1980)

pekinška patka: a serbian and former yugoslav punk rock band from Novi Sad. pekinška patka is considered a cult band of the yugoslav punk scene. although highly inspired by the british punk rock, their sound was authentic and distinguishable. being one of the first punk acts in the country, they also played a major role in opening doors for many bands that came after.

dust noise (demos)

Dust Noise were a Japanese punk band influenced by GAI/SWANKYS and DISORDER. They were from Atsugi City in Kanagawa, and were active through the mid 90s to early 00s. Dust Noise released two EPs, four tapes, and were featured on at least two compiltations. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

carcinogen - kure demo (1992)


111. brain leech
2. civilized
3. socially impotent
4. vivisection

Thursday, March 24, 2011

manisch depressiv - md 7″ (1983)

That's right! The gypsies had no homes, Manisch Depressiv had no percusion. But don't let that scare you, my friend let that liberate you! 'Cause when you're free flying with Manisch Depressiv, man - what do you need a safety net for? (female vox)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tulaviok - dèche à la chtouille LP (1987)

in my opinion the best french punk album ever released!
every track has the potential to have you humming it for days!

kommo - i ett varutempel 7'' (1981)

swedish post-punk/new wave.. this is an extremely enjoyable EP!

death side - satisfy the instinct 7'' (1987)

classic burning spirits! death side existed from 1987 to 1994.. vocalist (ishiya) and bass player (you) went on to play in Foward, guitarist (chelsea) Paintbox, and Drummer (ran lin) to Judement.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

pohjasakka - maailma täynnä vihaa 7'' (1985)

Pohjasakka member Pete also played in Mellakka,
and Turun Tauti.

01 - Tapa sotilas
02 - Armeija, miesten koulu
03 - Sortoa ja vihaa
04 - Maailma täynnä vihaa
05 - Huora!


Cannibal! The Musical (soundtrack)

*All Tracks Composed By Trey Parker*

01. hang the bastard
02. if you were on top of me
03. it's a shpadoinkle day
04. it's a shpadoinkle day (finale)
05. it's a shpadoinkle day (reprise)
06. let's build a snowman
07. let's build a snowman (reprise)
08. that's all we're asking for
09. that's all we're asking for (bummer version)
10. the trapper song
11. this side of me
12. when i was on top of you


fando y lis (1968)

"the film follows Fando (Sergio Klainer) and his paraplegic girlfriend Lis (Diana Mariscal) through a barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of the mythical city of Tar, where legend has it all wishes come true."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dèmoni OST // Music by Claudio Simonetti

01. Demon
02. Cruel Demon
03. Killing
04. Threat
05.  The Evil One
06. Demon (reprise)
07. Out of Time

::smug dog::

Sunday, March 13, 2011

violent apathy - here today.. (1983)

"Violent Apathy is a U.S. hardcore band that formed in March 1981 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan and sparked the Kalamazoo hardcore scene. The original band was three high school friends from Jackson, Michigan (Kenny Knott, Richard "Dick" Bowser, and Jim Forgey) along with Eliot Rachman, another WMU student who hailed from East Lansing. Rachman had worked on the 1980 United States Census in Lansing, MI with members of The Fix and the original publishers (Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson) of Touch and Go magazine. He introduced the other members of the band to the then very new music of the Fix, the Necros, and Negative Approach, and all three bands provided a great deal of support and encouragement to VA"

punk is aids.. (podcast)

Friday, March 11, 2011

dead like rapes (podcast)

the onion dolls - the kids-hot love EP (1980)

the song “hot love” was comped on BLOODSTAINS ACROSS BELGIUM, and “the kids” on the BLOODY BELGIUM LP.. very catchy material here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music of El Topo (1971)

1. Burial of the First Toy (02:22)
2. Under the Earth (01:38)
3. The Pigs Monastery (01:30)
4. The Holy Beggars (02:28)
5. Death is Birth (02:15)
6. Mexican Curios (02:33)
7. Living Water (01:12)
8. Vals Fantasma (03:15)
9. The Soul Born in the Blood (02:42)
10. Topo Triste (02:41)
11. The Sugar Gods (01:36)
12. Flowers Born in the Mud (01:49)
13. The Hell of the Prostituted Angels (01:52)
14. March of the Eyes in the Triangles (01:34)
15. The Pain of the Honey (01:06)
16. 300 Rabbits (00:55)
17. Knowledge Through Music (00:39)
18. The First Flower After the Flood (03:27)


slipknot - s/t EP (1989) revelation records

Not to be confused with the popular mainstream Nu Metal band Slipknot from Des Moines, Iowa.

Slipknot were from New Haven, Connecticut. Stiemy (bass/vocals) was previously the singer in FATAL VISION who appeared on the "Connecticut Fun" compilation LP (INCAS,1985). New Haven at the time was the base of operation for Revelation Records. Chang (drums) stopped playing music after Slipknot. In Chang's younger years he torched part of Yale University. "F" (guitar) went on to play drums in another New Haven hardcore outfit, with Stiemy of Slipknot, called Malachi Krunch. Stiemy later took up art and a career as a chef.

Another track named "Some Friend" was recorded during the sessions for their s/t EP, but did not make it to the final product. The track was eventually released on Revelation Records' 15th anniversary compilation "Revelation 100".


Contra La Contra - Ни Слова О Политике! (2002)

Uncompromising anarcho-punk band from Grodno with female vocals. 'Bad Girls Choose Freedom', 'Passport Control', 'A Prick not Punk' - that's what they are singing about. Recorded two albums: Demo, 2001 and Not a Word about Politics, 2002. Songs are in Russian and Belorussian.

It is one of the most famous Belorussian punk-bands, one of the most politically engaged and one if not the only one which gained  a lot of audience in Russia without playing a single gig there. Instead they toured Western Europe during in Spring 2002, during the first year of its existence they gave 35 gigs in Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The only releases they had was a vinyl published in Germany and a small circulation of tape published in Kiev, Ukraine by an independent label 'tigra nigra'. Contra La Contra is no more, but its politically edgy album is still with us.

The band singled itself out by its phenomenal female vocals. By the microphone there was a girl with a voice of a schoolgirl who was shouting punk with the texts for which she could be easily imprisoned in her country. 


mau mau - xangai-vietsoul 7'' (1982)

"Formed in Lisboa in 1977, Aquí-Del-Rock was the first portuguese band to release a punk record, the mythical single "Há que violentar o sistema". By the end of 1981, after the release of two 7" and a history of live shows that included being the opening act in the first punk show in Portugal by a foreign band, the band changed the name to Mau Mau, to persue a more post-punk easthetic. Mau Mau only released one 7", that included the songs Xangai and Vietsoul. Soon after this release, the band ended, only to be reborn ephemerously as Aquí-del-Rock II in 2008."
*thanks for the info Ric*

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Svart Framtid - 1984 EP (X-Port Plater, 1984)

Svart Framtid (black future) was a hardcore punk band founded in 1982 in Oslo, Norway. they released only one EP in 1984 which is a highly priced collectors item nowadays and maybe one of the best Norwegian hardcore releases of the 1980s. Svart Framtid split up in 1985. Members of Svart Framtid later played in bands like Kafka ProsessStengte Dører and So Much Hate.

01. religiosterror
02. disiplin
03. systematik
04. narbombakommer
05. milliarder
06. detrordetblirbedre


detenidos - demo tape (1994)

when i first gave this a listen it didn't exactly blow me away.. 
but, after playing the tracks on loop in the background  while doing some shit
around the house it really started sinking in. it's hard to explain, 
but i hear hear it in a completely different way. idk about anyone else
but this happens to me most the time, therefor i know to give it
more than a once over!

To The Devil A Daughter (1976)

"An excommunicated priest sets up a satanic cult that only looks Catholic on the outside. He convinces a man to sign over his daughter's soul so that she will become the devil's representative on earth on her eighteenth birthday, but as that day nears, the man seeks the help of an American occult novelist to save his daughter, both physically and spiritually."


The Crippled Masters (1979) Dvd Rip

"two men—one without arms and another with withered legs—who develop kung fu abilities and fight their evil teacher, who made them disabled."


chaotic youth - sad society EP (1982)

Chaotic Youth was more of a hobby for these guys,

only playing on occasion, and never being able to

play too many gigs or ever tour due to lack of 

transportation, and funds. when they did have the

chance to do a gig, they'd have a night out, and 

get pissed (making the best of it). think mid-tempo



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

silmät - haudattu 7'' (1983)

Silmät vocalist Jore Vastelin also sang in the band Musta Paraati from 1981 to 1982

b. Toinen maailma

The Legend of Hell House - Unreleased Score (1973)

grazhdanskaya oborona - poganaya molodej (1985)

Grazhdanskaya Oborona ("Civil Defense") started in 1985 in Omsk, Siberia, after their previous band, Posev ("Sowing"), were forced to stop by the KBG. They were led by Yegor Letov, who's something of a living legend in Russia (a "punk messiah" so to speak), and were the most explicitly political band of their day. Of course, songs like "I Hate the Red Color", "Necrophilia" and "Good Tsar and the Familiar Stink" caused problems with the authorities, so stories could be told of Yegor's time spent in the state-run mental hospital, or having to go underground to avoid detection by the KGB. But musically, they released quite a few albums on cassette in the mid- to late-80's (which were later reissued on CD). Also, their last concert (recorded live in Tallinn, Estonia in April of 1990) has been issued as an album.

There are a few related bands in playing in different, yet similar styles: Egor I Opizdanevshiye ("Egor and the Fuckups", a short lived project with 2 2xLPs in 1990 and 1992, respectively titled Hop-Jump (Children's songs) and 100 Years of Solitude), Communism (bizzare, avant-garde music - it is satirical weirdness using communist songs and imagery), Great October (folkie stuff playing the songs of Yanka Dyagileva, Egor's common-law wife) and solo projects.

Here's the sad part: around 1993, Grazhdanskaya Oborona reformed and have now achieved commercial success as a virulent nationalist/right-wing/communist band. It's disgusting. It's pathetic. And now even the actual music sucks! Hmmm... I guess after the fall of communism, they sort of lost their reason to exist, and started to miss the system they always sang about hating... (KFTH)

os catalepticos - zombifaction (2000)


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