Wednesday, May 18, 2011

raped and reviewed..

more podcasts..

"At first, rapes almost gave up to kickstart composing his podcasts,
he was having trouble choosing wich software would be the best and more practical to do it.
I think he really felt like giving up before even starting.
But I sort of kicked his ass and pointed him in the direction of a very user-friendly shareware gadget,
and he finally ended up making it and it seems like he really found in it a good way to express his
feelings regarding his own vision of what punk is.
His count of episodes is now up to 11, all this in a very short period of time.
His selections reveal what I already knew: a genuine interest in the international punk scene, in bands and projects
coming from different areas of the globe. He explores local scenes inside and outside his own country on a
never ending search trip for those ultimate mind-blowing punk sounds, and has real pleasure in sharing his aquired
knowledge of music, most of it music that probably would pass unoticed outside its local range of influence.
It became a ritual habit for me to check these selections everytime a new one is out,
I know I can always count with something that I´ve never heard before in there." -ric

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